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End Of Gout

by Jerome Princy (2020-02-04)

Laboratory and x-ray End Of Gout Review findings do contribute in determining the exact cause of black toenail. A biopsy sample taken from the toenail is sent for the histopathology in order to confirm the diagnosis of melanoma of the toe nail. The treatment of traumatic black toenail is usually basic first aid, while other benign conditions are treated by addressing the cause. However if an early-stage melanoma is diagnosed as the cause of the black toe nail, then it needs to be removed as soon as possible in order to avoid its spread to other body parts. Although trauma is considered the most common cause of black toenail, other medical conditions should not be dismissed. Occasionally these conditions can be as severe as cancer of the toenail and if overlooked may lead to grave consequences. Melanonychia is a dermatologic condition which refers to the black or brown pigmentation of the nail, which is not necessarily due to deposition of melanin in the toenail. Melanin is a pigment in the human body, giving black color to different parts of the body. The common causes for this color include: melanocytic activation, lentigo, nevus, melanoma, hemorrhage, pigment deposition due to fungal or bacterial infections, and other exogenous causes like cigarette smoking. Occasionally it becomes difficult to differentiate between the hemorrhage beneath the nail and a melanoma (tumor of the nail). Traumatic hemorrhage beneath the nail is the more common condition and is usually confused with the hemorrhage which may also occur in a melanoma. Therefore to differentiate between these conditions one needs to be thorough and meticulous in order to avoid missing the correct diagnosis. A study has revealed melanonychia is more common in darkly pigmented people as compared to Caucasians. It is seen in the most commonly used digits like the big toe (hallux), thumb and index fingers. In case of cutaneous pigmentation, melanonychia can be constant or progressing, regular or irregular, homogenous or heterogeneous and it may be congenital or acquired.