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Life Wisdom Matrix

by Alisa Princy (2020-02-05)

However, faith often gets Life Wisdom Matrix Review usurped by our emotional aspects. When aspects show up you want to let them go but letting them go is not the same as pushing them away. In your own safe space, go into the emotions. Go into the rage that may be there, or the sadness or whatever it is. Now, continue breathing. Stay in your divine Self. It is as if your divine Self is the foundation and the house that is providing the safe space for these aspects to come home and some of them come stomping in the door and slamming it behind them and screaming and shouting but they will not tear down your divine house. They are simply waiting to be heard, to be felt, and to be accepted. Your aspects are looking for someone who can receive everything that they are, who is strong enough to bring their issues into balance. So if you need to express-scream, yell, cry, whatever it is, let those emotions be expressed. Allow them to come up because within those emotions that are carried by the aspects is a tremendous amount of your energy. They're not wrong. They're well founded. Anyone would feel these things after some of the things that have probably happened to your aspects. I say this very carefully because these experiences did not happen to you. They happened to your aspects. These terrible things, these difficult stories, whatever you went through, they happened to aspects of you, not to you, the you that you are, the I am of you. It is pure, clear, strong, balanced and whole. This is the part of you that can open up and let these emotions, these aspects of you be felt and expressed. When you do this, make sure to keep breathing. It is vital that you breathe. And breathe feelings into your belly. This is allowing the energy to flow and move, coming back to you, re-melding, re-mixing in with all that you are. It is your creative energy. It is as if it has been stuck out in other dimensions frozen so that there has been very little to actually create with inside you, and as the aspect comes back into the house of you, you become more whole and complete. There is now more of you to cope with life, to create and to express-but you have to let them come home. You can make this choice on your own. It is not something you necessarily need facilitation for because you are very wise and very strong within yourself. When you are in your safe space, you are safe in your world and because of this, you are safe around others. You cannot hurt others nor can they hurt you.