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Diabetes Freedom

by Mathew John (2020-02-07)

What this means is that Protandim Diabetes Freedom Review can help Diabetes sufferers reduce the risk of Cardiovascular Disease as a result of Diabetes Mellitus. The proprietary blend of naturally occurring, whole foods ingredients, such as Turmeric, Green Tea Extract, Ashwagandha Extract, Bacopa Extract, and Milk Thistle, serve to boost, bolster and supercharge the body's ability to create Mega-Antioxidant Enzymes that reduce (and even eliminate!) Oxidative Stress, and its negative effects.Before age 20, our bodies make high levels of Antioxidant Enzymes, but the levels drop off after about age 20, and so begins the Aging Process.We all know the aging process is the enemy of healthy, fit adults. Many times, though, we see a big word like "Oxidative Stress" and it's hard to make the connection between that big term and the process of "Just Getting Older" or the feeling of falling apart as we age. The terrifying fact is, though that Oxidative Stress IS the aging process.Many people develop Diabetes as they age, and attribute it to just getting older. "Well, my mother had it, my Grandfather had it, of course I'll get it, and probably suffer heart attacks or strokes as a result." We tend to resign ourselves to the fate of genetic destiny.