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Ultra Manifestation

by Aalia Williiam (2020-02-08)

Steven Spielberg described his High School daysUltra Manifestation Review as 'the worst experience of my life'. After the University of Southern California School of Cinema-Television rejected his application three times because of low grades, he still took an unpaid intern position at Universal studios because of his insatiable love of film making.Society labels people who daydream as unproductive or lazy. Astonishingly, in the 1950's many psychologists actively encouraged parents to prevent their children from daydreaming, claiming it could lead to neurosis. It is amusing to note that scientists and psychologists routinely denounce anything they cannot measure or analyze.Daydreaming is simply a form of visualization. Our thoughts can go anywhere, do anything and travel faster than light. Space and time are no barriers as in our physical world. Direct your focus and energy into those places, people and things that make you happy for just for a few minutes each day and the universe will do the rest. We chase around and spend so much time worrying about our physical aspects - what do we look like? - are we being dynamic enough? - what do others think of us? - will we be laughed at - or worse, ignored?, and we mostly neglect to recognize our vast magical inner world wherein lies the real power for realization of our most cherished dreams.