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Ultra Manifestation

by Jerome Princy (2020-02-10)

The Age of Aquarius. This Ultra Manifestation Review is the sign of the water bearer. In ancient times water was always symbolic of spirit because you could feel it but at the same time it is invisible. What we see now is that Aquarius is the man holding a pitcher of water. What that is saying, is that the Son of God or Sons of God, are about to pour the Holy water over the head of the Righteous Ones, "the Anointing". This is the time of the spiritual awakening of the sleeping giant. Who is the sleeping giant? It is the descendants of those who have been fighting for years to overcome the brutality inflicted upon them. When will this happen? It will happen December 21, 2012. This is the date that all the planets will align to the center of the Milky Way. What is the Milky Way and what is the significance of the planets aligning? The planets are the chakras of God force. The Lotus Chakra or highest Chakra is the Sun symbolically but beyond the Sun, is the opening to other dimensions. That is the Milky Way and the reason why it is so bright. Within the Milky Way is a gateway to the higher dimensions. Right now that portal or dimension has been locked and guarded by Arch Angels (A-nun-na-ki) to keep the reptilian (aliens) from flying back to the constellation Draco, their home star system. In the Bible it said that Michael and the Dragon went to war and that Michael won and the Dragon and his angels (aliens) were cast to the Earth never to ascend to Heaven again. Why you may ask? It is because the Draconians (Dracula= vampires) were being disagreeable to the Cosmic laws of nature. They were pirates in outer space. They landed on planets and interfered with evolution, created monsters, went against the laws of nature, murdered and killed whenever they chose and they broke interstellar treaties. So their punishment was to be cast into the underworld (Tartarus) 2 Peter2:4. Where is the underworld?