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Fungus Eliminator

by Aalia Williiam (2020-02-11)

Compared to symptoms, signs are moreFungus Eliminator Review observable. If you want to know whether you have athlete's foot, look for flaking and scaling of the skin, especially on the toes and the soles. The whitish feet turn reddish if you keep on scratching it. In due time, the redness becomes more severe, leading to blister formation. For other patients, athlete's foot presents itself as extremely dry skin. The toenails become thick, crumbly, discolored and they pull away from the nail bed.If you are still unsure of your condition despite the visible and observable signs and symptoms, you can go to a health care provider for a more objective assessment. Consult your physician about it. He can even recommend the appropriate medication to relieve you from the itching and treat the athlete's foot.If your physician is still doubtful of your condition, laboratory tests are good predictive ways to diagnose the problem. For the initial diagnosis, skin scarping is sufficient. The laboratory technologist prepares a specimen and mixes it with a drop of potassium hydroxide. When viewed under the microscope, the preparation will reveal the presence of fungi. If the KOH test is not enough, you can have the biopsy to assess the skin scrapings histologically.