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Sonus Complete

by Aalia Williiam (2020-02-12)

Tinnitus masking works based on the principleSonus Complete Review of "fight fire with fire", but in our example we are using sound to combat sound.At one level, this may appear stupid: If you are already tormented by constant sound in your ears or head, why on earth would adding more sound help?There are a couple answers for this question. At the most obvious level, if you are in agony because of a specific, continuous, nerve-wracking sound for extended periods, then listening to almost anything different is going to be an improvement by comparison. If that new sound is specially created to be something enjoyable, then the experience will be that much better.There are many "white noise" and "nature sounds" that can be found on the internet that you could use in this way.While this self-evident method may offer some relief, in order to drown out the sounds of the tinnitus symptoms you really need to use a sound louder than what was irritating you in the first place, and this is not necessarily a good idea.There are some special kinds of maskers for tinnitus symptoms that work much, much better than this.The best and most helpful maskers for tinnitus do not just make some indiscriminate louder noise to overpower your tinnitus symptoms. They use specially calibrated sounds specifically designed to interact with the noises you hear from your tinnitus in a way that will actually cancel them out instead of drowning them out.This means that when someone adds the therapeutic sound from a specially designed tinnitus masker to the noise you are already hearing from your symptoms, you get the sensation of sound at a level that is less than either of them individually.