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Joint Pain Hack

by Mathew John (2020-02-13)

Our bodies contain more than 150 bursae, Joint Pain Hack Review which are small, fluid filled sacs that are located at the point where muscles or tendons slide across our bones. The idea is to reduce friction between two moving surfaces and for this reason, the bursae are lined by synovial cells which produce a small amount of lubricating fluid.Superficial bursae are located just below the skin and their purpose is to separate the skin from deeper tissues or ligaments. These superficial bursae can become inflamed as a result of skin trauma, usually from an occupational accident or recreational activity, but possibly due to disease. The most common causes of superficial septic bursitis are from puncture of the skin or an injury so that cellulitis spreads.The most common occupations that present with superficial bursitis are plumbers, carpenters, miners and athletes. Another form of septic bursitis affects carpet layers and gardeners because they regularly kneel for long periods.The deep bursae on the other hand, are designed to provide lubrication between tendons and adjacent bones. Direct puncture of deep bursae is uncommon, but can occur as a result of receiving injections. Inflammation of deep bursae is usually caused by an injury to the affected area, but if infection also occurs, there is usually an adjacent septic condition, including arthritis, involved.