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Gaia’s Protocol

by Alisa Princy (2020-02-13)

In addition, the bulk of the Gaia’s Protocol Review food stored in your stomach can weigh you down, resulting in a sluggish performance. Therefore I strongly suggested that you do not eat food in the hours prior to a fitness activity but rather drink your nutrients from a variety of vegetables and fruits to allow you to perform at your optimum. Doing so allows the nutrients to bypass the digestive system and can be quickly used by your body, which is particularly useful during fitness activities. It is important to note that there is a significant difference between freshly squeezed juice and the processed juice available in stores. The most discernible difference is that often times those packaged juices contain very little if any actual juice at all. A quick read of the nutritional label of the majority of store juices will reveal that they contain 2 to 10% of actual fruit or vegetable. The rest of the contents are artificial flavoring and coloring, preservatives, and added sugar. Store bought juice that contain 100% actual fruit and vegetables still pale in comparison to the superior freshly squeezed juice. That is because enable for the juice to last long on the shelf without decay it goes through a process called pasteurization in which it is quickly boiled to destroy any bacteria and mold that may grow in time. This process unfortunately also destroys many of the enzymes and minerals that the fruit and vegetable originally had, thereby leaving the juice mostly vacant of the nutrients that we consume it for. In addition, each day that the juice remains on the shelf it loses its vitamins. For example store shelf juices loses 75% of its vitamin C within the first three weeks. By the time you ingest most store bought juices you are mostly consuming sugar calories and flavored water, essentially empty calories. Moreover the preservatives and artificial ingredients in those juices are linked to various health maladies. To get the most benefit out of juice without the toxic risks it's preferable to stay with freshly squeezed nutrient rich juice made out of organic vegetables and fruits.