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Brain C-13

by Alisa Princy (2020-02-13)

I recently read an article Brain C-13 Review in the New York Times that I felt was worth sharing because of the amazing healing impact humans have on each other with something as simple as holding someones hand. This article stated that married woman under extreme stress who reach out and hold their husbands' hands feel immediate relief, neuroscientists have found in what they say is the first study of how human touch affects the neural response to threatening situations. The soothing effect of the touch could be seen in scans of areas deep in the brain that are involved in registering emotional and physical alarm. The women received significantly more relief from their husbands' touch than from a stranger's, and those in particularly close marriages were most deeply comforted by their husbands" hands, the study found. Lying in the jaws of an M.R.I. scanning machine and knowing that they would periodically receive a mild electric shock to an ankle, the women were noticeably apprehensive. Brain images showed peaks of activation in regions involved in anticipating pain, heightening physical arousal and regulating negative emotions, among other systems. But the moment they felt their husbands' hands-the men reached into the imaging machine-each woman's activity level plunged in all regions gearing up for the threat. It is amazing how human touch can impact or minds and bodies. The mind and body connection is amazing. The narcissists' appetite is similar to a leach. The narcissist will suck your blood and energy in order to satiate his own appetite. The narcissists' life source(blood)is: attention, admiration, adoration, and applause. The narcissist dedicates his life in obtaining the above (blood).