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Ultra Manifestation

by Jerome Princy (2020-02-14)

Sexuality is the Ultra Manifestation Review very base of our life source. It is the spiritual fire that is the source of our physical existence. The effects our hormonal balance triggers are to maintain youthful and life-sustaining forces. Sexual activity can improve our aging outcome. If women find their sex drive and their activity dwindling after menopause, they age much faster. Instead of exploring it from a more mature and exciting viewpoint and activity, they withdraw. This is more of a social standard of belief. Being beyond child conception can be a more liberating time if you are exploring sex as the fires of creativity and pleasure! There is a whole chemistry here that I will not go into at this time, but it is the very essence of vitality and longevity. Creativity is enhanced with sexual activity. There is a personal level of need that is unique to each of us, some more, some less. And I am not referring to sleaze and abuse here, of these parts of our nature. Sexual knowledge is still pretty much held to biological terms for most, unless you have explored Tantric Yoga practices of this life force. And that is exactly what it is, life force, to explore in a caring and loving manner, a giving and a taking of pleasure and inner exploration. Today we see more of our lower animal and aggressive natures being set off with this powerful life force. We appeal to the weaker and less knowledgeable part of sex appeal. Sex is first triggered in our minds and reactionary processes which brings us to the physical climaxing that is the enviable goal of sexual activity. Thus, we can trip through our own fantasy and manipulate our own pleasure by masturbating, an exercise totally stimulated by thought and mind. Ads and media play with this natural base of operations by using sexually seducing models and suggestive reflections to stimulate product interest. It works; statistics prove it through sales reports! So a connection to all material products or services we use in our daily life is promoted by stimulating our interests in sexual expression. It often is done tastefully and there are some that are exploiting as well.