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by Mathew John (2020-02-14)

The research study's data gives strong StrictionBP Review evidence that the brain has a principle role in resveratrol's positive effect on diabetes and that this positive influence could happen independently of diet or weight. If this data is correct it could lead to a brand new type 2 diabetes treatments that would target the brain. Unfortunately, red wine is not likely to improve blood sugar and insulin levels because resveratrol does not cross the blood-brain barrier very easily. Dr. Coppari, member of the research team, stated that drinking red wine is not likely to improve blood sugar. It would not be practical for anyone to drink enough red wine to get the brain to accumulate the amount of resveratrol delivered in the study. It would take many bottles of wine and that would be very unhealthy.In this newly-published study, Coppari and his team wanted to explore the idea of injecting directly into the brains of diabetic mice to find out if it would activate sirtuins proteins, as it has been shown to have anti-diabetic properties in earlier animal studies. Coppari's research team injected one group of diabetic mice with resveratrol, and the placebo group was injected with saline. All of the mice were fed a very high fat diet for the entire study. Insulin levels in the resveratrol treated mice fell significantly and were half way to normal at the end of the five week study, whereas the placebo mice had insulin levels that continued to rise.