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Organic Fungus Nuker

by Jerome Princy (2020-02-20)

A basic liquid callus Organic Fungus Nuker Review remover that contains salicylic acid can prove effective in dissolving stubborn corns and calluses. There are also specially made remover pads that allow you to target the specific area and wear away the unwanted corn. Some companies sell a razor type remover that can help you see results faster than a pumice stone would. If you feel it would be advantageous to invest in a remover that is a little more high tech you might consider buying an electronic device such as the Bario electric callus remover. Some brave souls have even resorted to cutting off their corns themselves. If you choose to go this route here are a few helpful tips. Try taking a warm bath or shower or even soak your feet ahead of time. This prepares the area for removal by loosening and softening the tissue. You can then take a razor and remove the unwanted tissue. Care must be taken using this method as it is very dangerous and an extremely steady hand is required. Soaking your feet and corns in apple cider vinegar can also contribute to minimizing the size of corns and preventing them from growing. You can soak a piece of fabric in the liquid and wrap the affected area. Follow this by wrapping the area further with plastic wrap and wear this overnight. This method may take longer to show results but it is safer than cutting the corn off manually and it takes minimal effort since the process takes place while you sleep. A few other ingredients to soak your feet in are Epsom salt, lemon juice, dried chamomile, and crushed garlic. Adding these mixtures to a bubbling foot spa can help you relax while you soothe away those unsightly corns.