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Hair Revital X

by Mathew John (2020-02-20)

Pattern baldness is something you usually Hair Revital X Review inherit from your parents. It can be either parent but it is more strongly linked with your mothers side of the family. What happens when you inherit the condition is that you become sensitive to a hormone in your body called DHT. This hormone is created by the mixing of an enzyme you produce called 5 alpha reductase with free testosterone that is in your bloodstream. The resulting DHT will then flow to your follicles and thin them out until they no longer produce hair.Hair care products can also cause hair loss so take care on what types of shampoo and conditioner you use and if possible try and use herbal or organic shampoo and conditioner. It might be worthwhile consulting a dermatologist to see what products they can recommend for you to use in your hair. Check carefully on all hair products to make sure they do not contain bleaching agents or other harsh chemicals. You also need to have a good nights sleep approximately 7 hours per day and also try and keep stress to a minimum as all these factors add up to cause hair loss.