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Secret Death Touches

by Mathew John (2020-02-22)

At the outset of this growth in Secret Death Touches Review popularity, the most common measurement was the percentage of oleoresin capsicum or OC in the product. That was, as it turned out, not only misleading but wrong. That percentage really has very little to do with the spray's effectiveness. When a product claims to have a 10% concentration of OC the question is 10% of what?A much more meaningful measurement of the relative hotness and therefore effectiveness of a spray is what is called the Scoville Heat Units (SHU). SHU's as they are referred to is a common measurement of the hotness of any product. A habanero pepper, for example, is approximately 300,000 SHUs. Most pepper sprays start at 2 million SHUs and go up from there to as much as 5 million SHUs for some brands-notably used by law enforcement.Pepper spray is the most common non lethal form of self defense used by women. As a law enforcement officer, it is my go-to for suspect compliance. There are several reasons pepper spray is so popular. Some of these reasons are: affordability, portability, legality, effectiveness and ease of use.