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Brain C-13

by Jerome Princy (2020-02-22)

Even though there is a part Brain C-13 Review of the population who has successfully learned to manage their own individual struggles, there are still many adults who are stuck believing they are lazy, crazy, or even stupid. But that's just not the case. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who are faced with difficulties simply because they aren't aware of the reality and impact that ADHD has on an individual. The bottom line? Now I'm not one who is particularly big on labels, research, and focusing on a diagnosis. However, I do firmly believe that we understand the facts of what is impacting us so everyone can get the support, resources, help, and skills they need to be successful at work, in relationships, and in life. There are some people who benefit from being diagnosed with ADHD or adult ADHD, and then there are those who do not. What's important here is that you be aware of what might be causing difficulties for you or a loved one. In last weeks New York Times Sunday Magazine, an article written by Daniel Carlat, M.D., entitled Mind over Meds, raises the hotly debated issue of the value of psychotherapy versus the value of psychotropic medications for treating mental illness. It also raises the issue of the unfortunate state of mental health care that is provided in this country. Dr. Carlat, a psychiatrist and associate clinical professor of psychiatry at Tufts University School of Medicine, discusses that after several years of practicing he has come to the realization that to effectively treat his patients it is necessary to do more than simply diagnose and dispense medication, but also get to know them and provide supportive psychotherapy. I support Dr. Carlat's comments and the initiative he has taken to speak out about this very important topic. I hope that his article is one of several efforts that are made by the field of psychiatry to evolve beyond merely providing medication for the treatment of mental health issues.