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Prostate 911

by Jerome Princy (2020-02-26)

The more you "jelq" the Prostate 911 Review more you re-educate these chambers to hold more blood. The more blood they hold, the more they will learn to be able to hold (contain). After a period of time, your penis gets bigger. Many men have used this method for, what some believe, thousands of years. If there's anything I've learned in life, is that techniques tried and trusted over time are still around for a reason And that reason is because they work! Many men who are interested in penis enlargement and wish to explore it have many unanswered questions about the time needed and the money involved. Which is clearly understandable. One can spend thousands of dollars on penis surgery in a heartbeat. Bottles of over-the-counter pills and their costs add up fast. Traction machines and fancy extenders can slim your wallet, too. On-line subscription programs and videos can easily suck what's left out of your bank account. So, what is the best solution? Well, with the way the world economy has gone into the toilet, it's not hard to see why men are now cautious about dumping a small fortune on enlargement programs that may be useless. So, we will go back to the old-school way of doing things; you know, before cell phones, computers, digital television, and everything else that is high tech and highly expensive. And that is the Old Fashioned Way. It's quite simple. You purchase a book on the subject, learn what you need to do by reading it, follow the instructions, and start enlarging your penis immediately. Of course, this easy and no-nonsense approach may seem like something out of the Stone Age in today's modern world. Some of you might imagine Fred Flintstone reading a book on penis enlargement... But this method has no gimmicks, no questionable pills being dumped into your body, no chemical patches to leech into your penis, and no one sticking a knife into your most sacred friend.