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Sonus Complete

by Mathew John (2020-02-27)

The behind the ear style is a bit Sonus Complete Review like those Bluetooth devices many people already use. It simply has a part that goes into the ear, but also another part that wraps around the back of the ear. Usually these parts are connected with a very small, clear piece of plastic tube. Again, as with the other types, these offer advantages and disadvantages to the wearer. They're a bit larger than the other styles, so if you are wanting a device that is easily hidden, they may not be for you. They do tend to maintain maximum amplification better than other styles and are much easier to change features with.Though you can still get the analog type of hearing aid, they are slowly being taken out of the market. Digital devices can be programmed down to a customization for the person wearing it almost to an art, now. Once these are programmed, they can usually analyze and then, correct the incoming sound waves so that the person wearing them can hear with much more clarity. The analog models do tend to be less tech advanced, offering only sound amplification. Now that you know about the varying types of devices on the market, it will be easier to go with your style and budget to find the one you need.