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by Alisa Princy (2020-03-03)

A three-member team of StrictionD Review researchers in Bangalore, led by Dr. K. Jayakumar, professor and Head of the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology of the Veterinary College under Karnataka Veterinary, Animal and Fisheries Sciences University, has found that cow urine contains certain molecules that can fight diabetes. The team is in the final stages of identifying the molecule that secretes insulin. This is the first ever-scientific study on cow urine and its properties and these findings can change the diabetes treatment in India. Professor K. Jayakumar says that anti-diabetic activity of cow urine was tested on rats that were experimentally induced diabetes. These rats were orally administered small doses of cow urine daily and there was a noticeable difference in blood sugar levels in these animals while in the case of those diabetic rats, which were not administered cow urine, sugar levels remained the same. The professor said that they are researching to find that, if the increased insulin levels on the rats were result of a cow urine stimulating beta cells of pancreas, as in case of oral anti-diabetic agents currently available in the market, or if cow urine stimulated regeneration of pancreatic beta cells. It is unquestionable that a person having blood sugar problems (high blood sugar or low blood sugar) depends on several factors. To beat a destructive thing, it is essential to draft a constructive plan. Thinking in this angle, it is reiterated that a good diabetic meal plan can convincingly work well to beat diabetes. Such a plan designed by a professional dietitian is highly recommended. Lifestyle is another thing which finds a significant place in any diabetic meal plan. It is important that the meal plan for diabetes should not be prepared on a run through discussion. Drafting such a plan needs a thorough diagnosis of the body's condition. It is the main concern of the physician to appraise the percentage of the damage caused to the body with diabetes. Plan of diabetes foods When we get into the discussion of a diabetic food list, there are many things to consider and understand well. But many people have a short notion about a meal plan to beat diabetes. Some people prone to diabetes claim in a short sense that they are strictly following diabetic meal plan. They are having a false confidence of overcoming hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia just with restricted foods. There are many things to take into positive consideration. Since a meal plan is broader in sense, a diabetic should avail the guidance properly to fight diabetes. Plus points of a quality meal plan: It is positively self guiding. There are the descriptions of what causes diabetes and what are the various symptoms of diabetes.