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Diabetes Freedom

by Jerome Princy (2020-03-03)

Agave syrup, in contrast to Diabetes Freedom Review table sugar, is often 10% glucose and 90% fructose, which results in a low glycemic index. The problem is that there are variants of agave syrup out there that have 45% glucose and 55% fructose, meaning that it is only slightly better for a diabetic than normal sugar. In fact, that is the same distribution of glucose and fructose that normal high fructose corn syrup has. It is not good enough. Furthermore, agave nectar has the same number of calories per ounce that normal sugar does. The catch is that agave syrup is significantly sweeter than normal sugar, so you can use less of it to get the same taste effect, which has the obvious benefit of ingesting less sugar. So, is agave syrup better for diabetics than sugar? If you get the right kind, it is. However, the benefits are limited as it is still sugar. Furthermore, the variances within agave syrup emphasize the need for diabetics to research what exactly is in the food they are eating, as believing that you are eating a healthier item than you are could lead to over-consumption, which can be very dangerous for anybody dealing with diabetes. While this article is meant to be an excellent starting point, you should do more research on agave syrup before deciding for yourself, as a diabetic, whether or not you should use it. As always, whenever you try anything new, especially substitutes for sugar, you should monitor your blood sugar level especially closely in case your body does not react to it the way you thought it would. Good luck, and happy eating! Nature is really very clever; it has devised a great system for counteracting oxidative damage in your body ... antioxidants. They are compounds that give out electrons to stabilize and neutralize free radicals. Certain substances which are produced in your body are able to combine with specific nutrients found in food and supplements, and work in synergy with each other to keep your body in tip-top shape.