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Eagle Eye 911

by Jerome Princy (2020-03-04)

Every angle will be Eagle Eye 911 Review considered and other parts of the eye will be tested. The doctor will do a final check of the eye before scheduling the actual laser treatment process. As a preparation, they are providing you with eye drops just so the eyes will be prepared before the actual treatment. During the day of the operation, your eyes will be cleaned by trained technician. They will be applying some preparation drops for the eyes to adjust before using the laser. The laser used is called the Excimer laser, which uses the calculations made during the consultation. After making sure that the eye is ready for treatment, the doctor will apply and control the laser using the online monitor which regulates the movements of the laser based on previous calculations. Once everything has been removed and corrected through the process of refracting the eye's cornea, the doctor will apply a clear plastic shield to avoid rubbing and protecting the eyes from bumping and other accidents the surgeon will set the time frame for the glass frame to be removed to ensure success and best results. The one discussed above is just an overview of what normally happens during the laser treatment. There are more processes underlying the actual process not discussed here. It is not an easy process to perform since it is 90% successful. About 1/3 of the world population have eye problems and 80%-90% of those who have eye diseases were corrected by the LASIK process. Eye specialist and doctors prefer the process because of its accuracy and precision. The machine used to do the actual operation is continuing to be popular since it is being recognized worldwide. It is considered the safest and the most efficient way of getting you your vision back.