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by Jerome Princy (2020-03-05)

As I count my blessings and Subliminal360 Review set goals I often hear myself ask the question - how do I honor and integrate my creativity with the discipline I know it takes to grow a small business and to lead a fulfilled and happy life? And how can I help the passionate, small business women I know, who are anxious to attain success, answer the same question? One thing is very clear-"disciplined" does not typically make the list of words any one would use to describe me. Self-discovery, for me, is all about creating, allowing, and exploring in a pure, natural flow. I am 100% Aquarian. Professionally, I support current management philosophies that encourage the creative process in problem solving and that has often created organizational challenges. I explore myself each day by writing in a journal, sometimes sketching in it, too. If I commit to that activity each day, isn't that a routine even if I don't do it at exactly 7 am each morning? Doesn't that take discipline. And doesn't writing engage my creativity? And if I ask myself two simple questions each day, without fail, and focus on the answers, doesn't that take discipline, too? In my ongoing practice of self-discovery I have learned to uncover limiting beliefs, and certainly identifying myself as not having discipline is one of those. So, what is this thing, called discipline, I don't think I have, anyway? Subjection to rule; submissiveness to order and control; habit of obedience. Now I see why this word evokes some repulsion. Rules, submissiveness, control and obedience...these words are the epitome of anti-creative and do nothing to support imagination, inspiration and innovation, signature traits of the entrepreneurial spirit. And aren't the best leaders those that "think outside the box", sometimes bending the rules? Certainly, being submissive never got anyone recognized for his or her contribution to an organization. Aren't most breakthroughs born of some form of disobedience?