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by Mathew John (2020-03-06)

We are all born with God given talents. Zen12 Review But these talents are different types, different degrees and different forms for different people No two people have the exact same talents at the same degrees. I believe this is true even with twins.Once a person is born with talents, I believe that they will not be able to gain additional talents or alter the ones they have. I do not believe people can learn new talents in school, or acquire them from others.People can however learn new skills to enhance their God given talents. Skill training is what basketball players with exceptional basketball talents learn and hone to become the excellent basketball players that their talents give them the capacity to become. This also holds true for artists, doctors, leaders, mathematicians, and the list goes on. People must learn the information and develop their specialized skills to take advantage of their talents. People with exceptional talents that do not study their fields and develop their skills are people with Potential, but no results.