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Raikov Effect

by Jerome Princy (2020-03-06)

In fact, often we are Raikov Effect Review motivated mostly by our fears that we will "miss out" on or get left behind. Sometimes we're not even sure what we might miss out on or get left behind by. It's just a constant and ever present fear that causes us to cram more and more of the "latest and greatest" into our lives. We never stop to consider whether or not these activities enrich us or not. Our stress levels are always in the "red line" burn-out mode. If you recognize yourself here, consider a few of these ideas. Examine every activity and ask these questions about them. "Does this make me money?", "Does this add to my life satisfaction?", "Do I need to do this at this time in my life or does it make more sense to do it another time?" and "What are the consequences of deferring or dropping this activity?" You'll find that many of your activities do not add to your income or life satisfaction, are better done at a later time, and have minimal consequences to eliminating them. Let go of time wasters. Unsubscribe to ezines, newsletters, publications, RSS feeds and any other types of communications that you either don't have time to read or that don't contribute positively to your life. If you're inundated with political, economic, environmental business and social "the sky is falling" input regularly, you may be unaware of the toll it has on you. Pay attention to your feeling state. It's important to be informed but not to allow yourself to be overwhelmed. Experiment with unsubscribing. You can always subscribe again. Make a list of anything you unsubscribe from for future reference, and let it go for now. Consider simplifying your electronic gadgetry. If considerable chunks of your time are consumed interacting with electronics, you may want to rethink that electronic "friends" are no substitute for the real thing.