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Blood Balance Formula

by Regina Fancy (2020-03-09)

Excessive amount of insulin causes hypoglycemia Blood Balance Formula Review or low-level of glucose in blood. This is life threatening condition. The body of the person responds by releasing different insulin enemies like epinephrine and cortisol from the adrenal glands, glucagons from pancreas and growth hormones from pituitary glands. These hormones help to negate insulin effect.These are strong hormones that can bring a powerful and rapid elevation in the level of blood glucose. It also causes the blood glucose level to shoot high. These elevated levels of blood glucose must be managed with another insulin thrush. This creates another stab in the level of blood glucose. Such doses are further followed by other compensatory hormones and then even larger dose of insulin.The monitoring of blood sugar level at around 2 am for some consecutive nights enables the person to find the clue of the high glucose levels in morning. If the blood sugar levels are consistently low then most like Somogyi Effect is cause. This also indicates that either insulin levels at night or the bedtime snack are very small. However if the level of blood sugar is high during at around 2 am then most likely Dawn Phenomenon is the underling cause.Dr. Neal Barnard, Founder of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine stated: ""In the past few years, much of what we thought we knew about diabetes has been turned on its head". One of these assumptions that is now out the window is that a type 2 diabetes diagnoses is a life-long sentence. Far from it. Surprisingly, a legitimate cure cannot be found at your local pharmacy or your doctor's office... but in your kitchen.