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The pharmaceutical compositions of the present invention can be administered in a number of ways depending upon whether local or systemic treatment is desired and upon the area to be treated. However, in some forms of therapy, serious side effects may be acceptable in terms of ensuring a positive outcome to the therapeutic treatment. The therapeutic molecules of the invention can be included in a unit formulation such as in a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier or diluent in an amount sufficient to deliver to a patient a therapeutically effective amount without causing serious side effects in the treated patient. Examples of topical formulations include those in which the oligomer of the invention are in admixture with a topical delivery agent such as lipids, liposomes, fatty acids, fatty acid esters, steroids, chelating agents and surfactants. The formulated drug may comprise pharmaceutically acceptable binding agents and adjuvants. International Publication No. WO2007/031091 (A2), published Mar. 22, 2007, further provides suitable pharmaceutically acceptable diluent, carrier and adjuvants.


Compositions and formulations for parenteral, intrathecal, intra-cerebroventricular, or intraventricular administration can include sterile aqueous solutions which can also contain buffers, diluents and other suitable additives such as, but not limited to, penetration enhancers, webcam sex porn carrier compounds and other pharmaceutically acceptable carriers or excipients. If there is any part of your business that you believe you don't pay close enough attention to, you can bet that's where the leaks are. She was able to monetize that passion by promoting things like Bet My Bookie. Rebecca Traister, promoting her new book, Good and Mad, joked on at least two podcasts that writing about rage made her sex life better, reminding the world—perhaps unconsciously—that women’s anger needs a heterosexual qualifier. Functionally besides people promoting their job, social media has no true use other than being a bunch of glorified, non-live chat rooms with some pictures or videos added in. He was allegedly fired from Love & Hip Hop for posting a video on social media wherein he threatened an ex-girlfriend while brandishing a gun (he denies that he was fired), and the Soulja Boy Official App, though a pioneering move in the first boom of personal apps, barely attracted followers until this spring, and has been overrun by catfish models and fans pushing their SoundClouds.

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The therapeutic molecules can be prepared with carriers that protect against degradation or immediate elimination from the body, including implants or microcapsules with controlled release properties. The therapeutic molecules of the invention can be used in pharmaceutical formulations and compositions. Conjugation (to a conjugate moiety) can enhance the activity, cellular distribution or cellular uptake of the oligomer of the invention. In the context the term "conjugate" is intended to indicate a heterogeneous molecule formed by the covalent or non-covalent attachment ("conjugation") of the oligomer as described herein to one or more non-nucleotide, or non-polynucleotide moieties. In some embodiments, the oligomer of the invention comprises at least one LNA unit or at least one 2' substituted modified nucleoside. Examples of configurations of a gapmer, blockmer, mixmer, headmer, tailmer, or totalmer that can be used with the oligomer of the invention are described in U.S. The oligomer of the invention can comprise a nucleotide sequence which comprises both nucleotides and nucleotide analogs, and can be in the form of a gapmer, blockmer, mixmer, headmer, tailmer, or totalmer. The oligomers of the invention can also be conjugated to active drug substances, for example, aspirin, ibuprofen, a sulfa drug, an antidiabetic, an antibacterial or an antibiotic.