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K-pop’s K-porn Problem: Growing Scandal Highlights South Korea’s Spy-cam Epidemic

by Carin Skuthorp (2020-05-19)


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Your wife will never know what erotic fantasies you will share with our models and your wildest dreams will be kept secret. In addition to private shows there are also spy / voyeur shows where you can watch others private shows without them knowing, although you are unable to chat with the models and members in the show. We are taking every precaution while we do research to determine if there's been any threat to the performer pool,' Free Speech Coalition CEO Diane Duke said in a statement. On Dec. 6, the Free Speech Coalition, an adult film industry trade group, announced its latest moratorium on filming, according to ABC News. The regulation was backed by Britain's largest children's charity the NSPCC, but has also sharply criticised for being poorly-thought-out and potentially damaging to privacy and freedom of speech. Top brass bang on about integrity and excellence being core values of the RAF.

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