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residence visa cyprus, cyprus residency for eu citizens, permanent residency by investment Nicosia, 27 June 2008 - Cyprus is a single of the most advantageous locations of residency for Russian and Ukrainian businesses. In addition, the accountant and the lawyer of the corporation confirm to the Inland Revenue that the enterprise is managed and controlled from Cyprus so that the Inland Revenue concerns what is called tax residence certificate”. 3) Becoming as a spouse of British citizen in possesion of EU fam visa, Can I contact my brother Under EU family members member here in Ireland. International governments have started noticing the scam identified as TVI Express. However the Cyprus Permanent Residency Programme provides a lifetime residency for the entire loved ones from day one without the need of obtaining to renew at any time in the future. Just like Portugal and Greece, Spain gives a Golden Visa Plan for non-EU citizens to get residency.

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