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Maurice Avrahm

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Im a food manager at CJ.

Year-round sunshine, unsurpassed value and delicious local cuisine, Catering Jakarta is an idyllic choice for a destination wedding. Be guided in your planning by our experienced and knowledgeable team who take the guesswork out of coordinating a wedding in Catering Jakarta with outstanding results. Following initial consultations around your ideas, holiday plans, preferred style, group size, and budget, Take us to Catering Jakarta helps you choose the best venue and guest accommodation options. We also recommend and undertake the booking and payment of your wedding additions including food and beverage, celebrant, flowers, hair and make-up, entertainment, photography and transport choices completely in Paket Pernikahan. Consulting every step of the way, we focus on absolute personalisation and accommodate individual luxury levels at maximum value. From a boutique resort to a secluded jungle villa, our local insight, trusted suppliers and honest approach leave nothing to chance when planning your wedding.