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Best Corded Vacuum Cleaners In 2020: In-Depth Reviews

As flexible and convenient cordless vacuum cleaners go, they are not yet at a point where they can beat corded vacuums when it comes to pure power. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty good vacuum cleaner or you simply don’t want to deal with batteries (they have a reputation for being fiddly), a corded vacuum will be a good choice.

In this article, we’ll show you our selection for the title of The Best Vacuum Cleaner  in 2020 (corded).

1. Kenmore Elite Pet Friendly 31150

This vacuum works exceptionally on bare floors like hardwood floors, receiving full scores on all of our tests using a variety of particles and debris. It managed to suck up just about everything in its path, storing it all securely within the disposable dust bag.

The Kenmore 31150 also plays well with carpets and can deal effectively with stubborn grime stuck on the floor. Even pet hair isn’t much more a challenge for this best rated vacuum cleaner, so pet owners out there – rest assured that this vacuum can handle the job!

The suction power that the electric motor inside can generate is surprisingly powerful and when paired with one of the accessories in the box, there is a noticeable boost in airflow. There are three attachments that the company packs along with this vacuum: a crevice tool, bristle brush, and a power roller. All of which can be interchanged in seconds.

The 35-foot long power cord will ensure that no matter where you are in the house, you would most likely still be within the range of an electrical outlet.

When we searched through past customer reviews of this vacuum, we have also found positive scores in terms of reliability and satisfaction. So be completely at ease when you buy into this vacuum.

However, on the downside, we found that it is a little bit more difficult to operate and the motor is loud, as well.

2. Shark Navigator Lift Away NV586

The Shark Navigator Lift Away series has been known for its high flexibility with the Lift Away mode. You can literally detach the dust cup and the motor from the rest of the body and transform the vacuum from an upright into a handheld one with just the push of a button.

The cleaning capability of the NV586 is impressive, indeed, being able to handle bare floors and pet hair like a champ.

The vacuum has great handling and maneuverability; we were able to push, pull, and carry it around the house with ease. At only 16 pounds, it could well be the lightest Top best vacuum cleaners on the market.

The reliability of this vacuum has been attested to by hundreds of positive best vacuum reviews left by customers. The majority of them also noted that they were completely satisfied with the purchase.

However, this vacuum didn’t do very well in our carpet tests (its performance is merely adequate, though you shouldn’t expect much from it). In spite of the exceptional performance, the vacuum is considerably noisier than all of the other vacuums we had tested.

  • Conclusion

    These are our two best picks for Best vacuum cleaners on the market  article. As always, we suggest that you read through a few more of our reviews to see which vacuum would work best for you. But if you feel like one of these has captured your attention, go right ahead!